About Us

This isn’t the first content marketing rodeo for the team at NextPost. Our founders are serial entrepreneurs and the minds behind Antelope, a social media analytics startup founded in 2012. At Antelope, our team had the pleasure of working with many of the world’s biggest and brightest brands and advertising agencies, helping them use data to get smarter about their content strategy.

Over time, our clients’ feedback shaped our core technology, enabling us to build our ever growing database that tracks the content of over 5,000+ brands in every major industry on all major social networks. We spent sleepless night pouring over this data, building robust reports and strategies filled with all kinds of scatter plots and pie charts to give our clients an edge on their competition.

But as the space got more complex and the data got bigger, our clients kept coming back to us with the same simple question: What Should I Post Next? From this insight, the idea from NextPost was born. Since then, our team set out to build the world’s best recommendation for content marketing. We couple this with some of the best content creators in the world to bring a smarter, cheaper and more scalable solution for your content marketing needs.

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